Nuno Soares

Nuno Soares his the CEO of Quinv “Domain Investors - Domain Experts” owning a managing a valuable domain portofolio since 2011. Before he did work as Sales Manager at EuroDNS, after working as Key Account Manager from start 2007 until the end of 2009.Prior to joining EuroDNS, Nuno created his own promotional music label and was in charge of all the marketing, communication and technical aspects of the company. He was also dealing with the artists and helping them getting on the forefront of the electronic music scene. Nuno also worked in the 1st Luxembourgish real estate portal as a web developer and was also in charge of the websites’ development.Nuno has graduated from a commercial and technical Institute in Belgium in Computing Sciences.Portuguese born, Nuno was raised in Luxembourg, where he still works today.